hello! i'm puprika, and i like to make things. this is my site. if you're not already, you can view this site using gemini, too!



      cat cubes


about me

my name is scout, but i go by puprika online, sometimes. it's inspired by the film paprika. you should go watch that!

i like animals, i like to draw and code, and i like learning new things. recently, i've been learning how to skateboard, and alternating between learning russian, french, japanese, and toki pona. i'm not very good at any of them. i'd like to learn (some) japanese before tim rogers reviews ぼくのなつやすみ, so that i can play it myself first. we'll see how that goes!

here are some of my links. i'm trying to use twitter less.



about this site

i'm not 100% sure what i'm going to use this for yet, but i wanted to get set up using gemini. i'm writing this site in gemtext, which is automatically converted to html to create the http version of the site. next up, i'll be trying to figure out gemlog/rss stuff to make a little blog portion!


things i think are cool


on gemini

      hundred rabbits


on the web

      desktop metaphor's works
the invisible sundial
gang fight
sylvie's games
gemini quick start, which can help you get started using gemini
toki pona, the language of good